Treasures of the sea

Designed with brilliance and crafted with talent, these are the favorites of Nava Zahavi. The combination of aquamarine and topaz will satiate your cravings for the most satisfactory quality jewelry experience. These pieces are exceptionally handcrafted by our talented craftsman keeping in view the demands of elegant jewelry requirements and unique creations.

Divinely Beautiful Pieces

Revealing the beauty of the gleaming stones, the artistically wrapped in 24K gold peridot stones and captivating aquamarine stones are a desire of every woman. These bold and vibrant hues of precious gems are engrossed masterly to make you look fab! Grab yours for the holiday season!

Adorn your dream

Designed with love and crafted with delicacy, this collection is the ultimate tantalizing artwork of Nava Zahavi. The radiating unique shaped turquoise stones combined with 24K gold is unblemished. Experience the best and wear it for the holidays!