“What I love most about my jewelry is bringing beauty into the lives of those who wear it. It’s about sharing my culture and experience with others through art, color and texture, infused with a calming sense of timelessness”.

Nava Zahavi is drawn to gemstones that are a distinctive reflection of the cultural and environmental influences she experienced in her youth. Inspired by her travels and rambles through antique markets around the world, Nava Zahavi reinterprets the adornments of ancient civilizations. Her designs reflect historical charm for the modern world.

While moving from one country to another, her love for ancient jewelry began to grow. Because of her husband’s work, she was exposed to many markets, art shows, and different cultures across the globe. Embracing the exposure and diversity began to give her a variety of ideas. Gold, silver, precious and semi-precious stones, she would observe and note down everything that made them unique.

Thus, Nava Zahavi began to learn the quality of stones on her own. Her passion kept growing with time and she became a true autodidact. Her self-learning capabilities made her capable of fusing the qualities of the natural world and art in her work. 

She began to establish connections very early on in her design journey. She met the people of Fragments at their showroom in New York, who mentored her in business. Along with them, the brand began to grow slowly and steadily, making Nava Zahavi stand out with her unique handmade 24K gold designs, along with colorful elements that look beautiful together.

Made with the finest materials and meticulously crafted, her pieces are at once modern and classic with a natural elegance all their own. The influence of artisans from centuries past such as Ancient Egypt and Greece can be seen in each of her creations, as well as the crystalline hues of her Mediterranean homeland.

Aquamarine evokes the sea and the sky, Citrine and Rutilated stones the sandy beaches, and Carnelian depicts the warmth of the sun. Similarly, countless other stones all have their own effects and have been used since the old times for their healing properties and unique appearance.

“When designing my jewelry, I use the finest quality semi-precious stones, wrapped in 24 karat gold as if embraced by the sun. I aspire to create designs of enduring beauty, designs that speak of ancient history, yet maintain a fresh, contemporary feel.”

These mesmerizing and high-quality jewels perfectly narrate the whole story of the magical world of Nava Zahavi for the past 15 years. Recognized worldwide, her designs can be found in designer boutiques, fine department stores such as Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue, and also through leading catalogs such as Sundance. Magazine features include Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Marie Claire, Lucky, In Style, and W Magazine.