Aquamarine: The delicate birthstone of March

Were you born in March? If yes, your birthstone is the astounding Aquamarine. Not only is it mesmerizing, but it also creates a powerful impact on communication skills. So if you often feel anxious, you need to look no further than this stone. 

Aquamarine is a stone that exists in natural and blue tones. In the ancient times, it was a popular choice amongst sailors due to claims of having the power to calm the sea. Although Aquamarine isn’t considered a precious stone like sapphire, diamond, emerald and ruby, its variety of colors make it look no less elegant. Therefore, it falls under the category of semi-precious stones.


You can feel the elegance of its stone through its name. According to the high expertise of Nava Zahavi, this gem has a calm feeling. 

What is the complete color range for aquamarine?

The blues of Aquamarine are unlike any other. You will find dazzling hues ranging from pale and pastel tones to gray-blue tints and even dark shades that will remind you of the depths of the ocean. Some common blue hues in aquamarine include, but aren’t limited to pale blue, dark blue, green-blue, and much more.

A short history and usage of Aquamarine

In ancient times, people would claim Aquamarine to have powers to calm the sea. As a result, many sailors would take a piece of Aquamarine along with them on their voyages.

Apart from its decorative purpose, you’ll be astonished to see how highly Aquamarine has been thought of by people from all backgrounds. Along with sailors, healers too believed that this semi-precious stone could heal problems related to the throat and even growth-related hormones.

Some beautiful aquamarine jewelry combinations

1. Aquamarine stones and gold

A bit of gold can go a long way when paired with blue. Since Aquamarine has a variety of blue hues, the look can come off as very subtle. So with pure gold, a touch of royalty and boldness is added to the piece.

This My Love Necklace from Nava Zahavi is a perfect blend of this royal combination.

2. Standalone Aquamarine jewelry

There is nothing more delightful than a range of blue stones crafted together. Some Aquamarine pieces have green tints too, which boosts the harmonious and soothing effects of the cool colors. Psychologically and visually, such tones draw in tranquility, helping you feel more energized in a relaxed way.

3. Aquamarine and other stones

While having only aquamarine stones creates an all-blue effect, it also gives the opportunity to make things pop.

For instance, Ruby in its mighty red color, creates a bold and excellent contrast with Aquamarine. This delicate yet bold Incredible Necklace from Nava Zahavi is a stunning vision of warm and cool tones brought together.

Even if you weren’t born in March, Aquamarine will bring peace and calm to your soul. If you want to wait for your birth month stone, watch this space - we will be posting birthstones monthly. Till then, have a look at our jewelry collection and you might find something you’ve been looking for.