Nava Zahavi

Nava Zahavi Pink Sapphire and Tourmaline Drops Necklace

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Introducing the "Blushing Rain" Necklace, an exquisite 17-inch piece that beau...tifully blends the romantic allure of pink sapphires with the vibrant charm of colorful tourmaline drops.

This stunning necklace features a delicate strand of radiant pink sapphires, each carefully chosen for its captivating hue and sparkle. Adding a dynamic and playful element, colorful tourmaline drops are interspersed along the strand, showcasing a spectrum of hues that bring a delightful contrast to the design.

With its 17-inch length, the "Blushing Rain" Necklace sits elegantly on the neckline, making it the perfect accessory for any occasion. Whether worn alone for a subtle touch of elegance or layered for a more dramatic effect, this necklace is sure to enhance your ensemble with its sophisticated beauty and artistic craftsmanship.

Embrace the enchanting fusion of colors and the refined elegance of the "Blushing Rain" Necklace, a timeless piece that celebrates the harmonious blend of pink sapphires and tourmalines.

Add this necklace, and make a rich statement (See second picture)

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