Nava Zahavi

Nava Zahavi White Alps Ring

$1,272 $1,590
Introducing the breathtaking "White Alps Ring," a round faceted moonstone ring wr...apped with 24K gold and framed on a sterling silver band, adorned with a sparkling star diamond. This ring exudes celestial elegance and captures the ethereal beauty of the moon.
At the center of this enchanting ring is a stunning round faceted moonstone, measuring an impressive 16mm x 16mm. The moonstone's iridescent play of colors reflects the captivating allure of moonlight, infusing the design with an enchanting aura.
The moonstone is meticulously wrapped with 24K gold, enhancing its innate beauty and adding a touch of opulence to the design. Surrounding the moonstone is an exquisite 24K gold frame, creating an alluring contrast against the sterling silver band.
Adding to the celestial charm of the ring is a star diamond set within the band. The twinkling diamond accentuates the enchanting essence of the moonstone, evoking a sense of stargazing on a serene night.
The White Alps Ring is a masterpiece that reflects Nava Zahavi's commitment to creating exceptional pieces of jewelry. Its captivating design and remarkable gemstones combine to create a truly enchanting and timeless ring.
Embrace the celestial allure of the "Starry Moonstone Delight Ring" and let it become a cherished treasure in your jewelry collection. With its radiant moonstone, luxurious gold wrapping, and sparkling diamond, this ring is sure to captivate hearts and elevate your style with celestial elegance.
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