Garnet: The Precious and Elegant Birthstone for January

Gemstone jewelry is classic, fun, colorful, and strikes a timeless statement. Celebrate 2022 as a fresh start by expanding your jewelry collection. Indulge yourself in the best experience by wearing remarkable jewelry. If you’re having trouble picking a gemstone for yourself, consider your birth month. 

If you were born in January, your birthstone is the elegant and diverse garnet. Nava Zahavi particularly appreciates that the choices with this beautiful stone are endless.

The gorgeous stone has color-shifting traits when worn in various lighting conditions. Although red is the most common color for garnet stones, many shades are available, making the gemstone stand out for its diversity. Depending on the color, the symbology for garnet could be different. However, it’s best known for friendship, love, vitality, and light.


Which garnet color should you pick?

Red is the most classic and elegant color you can get for garnet. Other colorful shades can add a sparkling touch to any type of outfit. When it comes to garnet, you can indulge in the following mesmerizing shades:

  • Tsavorite garnet (emerald green)
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Peach
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Brown
  • Black

Some garnet stones are pure magic: in various lighting conditions, you’ll even find them switching between colors. This unique quality makes the stone a valuable accessory for any style and shade outfit. However, when it comes to garnet colors, blue is the rarest of them all. 

Color Tip: Depending on the color of your garnet gemstone, the symbolism can be different. To learn more about colors, their psychology, and cultural relevance, you can have a look at this beautiful color guide.

What does garnet symbolize?

Garnet carries on its diversity even beyond the colors. Since the most common color for garnet is red, the symbology for tones of red is accepted most widely. When buying garnet for yourself, you will be reflecting some of the following values:

  • Friendship
  • Vitality
  • Love
  • Light
  • Blood
  • Heart

In all its varying shades and forms, Garnet has been the stone of positive vibes since ancient times - a period highly valued by our designer Nava Zahavi.

The stone has also been worn across many cultures and religious communities over history.  These bold and vibrant hues of precious gems can be worn for every occasion. 

One of Nava Zahavi’s favorite combinations is red and gold but garnet jewelry isn’t limited to that. There can be plenty of associations, each one projecting a different soul purpose. For instance, the notion of blood and heart is joined only with red garnet. And so, people of ancient times would use it to promote better deeds and they even believed it could physically keep the heart in good health.

History can go as deep as you want to explore it. If you’re curious to know more, don’t miss this verified source from the Gem Society. Garnet jewelry can have endless combinations, but there are a few typical ones that make a statement regardless of what you’re wearing. 

Most common garnet jewelry combinations 

With garnet, you can indulge yourself in all types of jewelry. From statement necklaces to delicate pendants, subtle silver rings, bracelets, and much more. You can find this stunning gemstone in many colors too, which adds to the fun. And when it comes to style, you can find a combination that suits the traditional or the ancient style. 

Garnet and gold

The fusion of red garnet and gold can add a royal touch to any outfit. By wearing this combination, you’re not only making a regal statement but also feeling the ancient vibes of this stone deep within yourself. In particular, garnet and gold jewelry can make dark outfits look more graceful and blend in or pop up lighter outfits.

Garnet and silver

Beyond red and gold, the combination of silver and garnet has a more toned-down appeal. When looking for silver garnet jewelry, you’re more likely to find the stone in colors other than red. Fused with silver, darker earth-toned colors like black and brown look more natural and aligned with the essence of the beautiful outdoors.

If red and gold are loud for you, silver garnet jewelry will give you the subtle elegance you seek. Silver also looks great with light pastel gemstone shades as they blend in to create a soft and soulful look.

Modern colorful garnet combinations

Nava Zahavi suggests combining garnet gems with other colorful stones to break away from the traditional gold and red approach.

The overall design will make the accessory look more modern-century. If you purchase modern garnet earrings or necklaces, you can find many colors fused into one article. 

You can also find jewelry that matches garnet with other stones. It all depends on what your favorite colors are. Look within yourself to find the color combination that reflects your personality.

For instance, Ancient Love Earrings combine a beautiful emerald stone adorned with three garnets enclosed in 24K gold. This combination makes it an absolute style statement. While some colors may balance each other, others may appear more vibrant. 
So if you’re born in January, garnet is definitely the gemstone for you. Adding garnet jewelry to your collection means more diversity and rich color. Some garnet stones tend to shift colors when exposed to light, which is great if you look at colorful jewelry. 


So when buying garnet jewelry for yourself, think of whether you want to look traditional or modern. Both the styles can be colorful, depending on the shade of garnet you look for and whether you want silver or gold. With gold, any color of garnet would come off as bold, while with silver, it is more down-to-earth. Discover Nava Zahavi’s garnet collection and experience the uniqueness her jewels have to offer!

There’s a gemstone for every month of the year. We’ve got you covered even if you weren’t born in January. Watch our space for more upcoming birthstone jewelry updates and pick jewelry that resonates with your soul!