Amethyst: The alluring February birthstone

If you were born in February, your birthstone is the alluring amethyst. It is believed that amethyst could improve your business skills. So if you’re a female entrepreneur, wearing this precious gemstone is bound to make a positive impact inside out. 

Amethyst is a stone that exists in purple, green, and bicolor shades. It has been a phenomenon in the world of jewelry from the ancient period. Typically, the deeper the color of the amethyst stone, the higher its price. The stone gives a beautiful traditional look when combined with other types of beads and tones in jewelry.

What is the complete color range for amethyst?

So although amethyst is known for its brilliant purple, you can find it in green too. However, with the latter, the only shade that exists is a light translucent green. 

On the other hand, with purple amethyst stones, the amount of blue or red, and the value of the color can vary from one stone to another. Picture a soft lilac or lavender with bluish tint, for example. 

Some of the most common purple amethyst tones are as follows:

  • Lilac

  • Lavender

  • Deep purple

  • Red-violet

  • Blue-purple

  • Pastel purple

Other than those two, it’s the bicolor amethyst that stands out with its familiar, faded gradient look. From one edge to another, you can see the color getting lighter or darker, which creates the most perfect enchanting look.

However, Nava Zahavi believes that a captivating look is possible with any type of amethyst stone, so long as it’s designed with love and care. And of course, if it resonates with your personality. That said, other beads and stones combined with this alluring stone can also change the overall look and appeal.

Some amazing amethyst jewelry combinations

Purple amethyst combined with gold

Nava Zahavi values the union of purple and gold for a royal look. Where gold is known for its shine, purple has been held as a regal color in almost every kingdom from the old times. This rain necklace is the perfect blend for a traditional look that looks modern and trendy nonetheless.

Amethyst combined with other stones

The light look of amethyst contrasts well with that of darker stones. Especially if the pieces or beads are of various colors and sizes. Picture a bohemian necklace or bracelet featuring amethyst, like this garden bracelet. It has green amethyst along with other stones that look ancient, magical, and playful - a unique blend for all occasions.

Standalone green amethyst jewelry

Green is known for its soothing traits. From blades of grass to the tall forest trees, this color refreshes the eyes unlike any other. The light reflected through this green amethyst necklace, for instance, strikes simplicity, class, and romance - all in one.

But what if you’re not born in February? That’s okay - look forward to this space as we unravel the birthstone for every month of the year. Till then, explore our vast jewelry collection, and you may find something that soothes your soul.