A fusion of modern and classic for Valentine’s Day 2022

Picking a gift for Valentine’s Day can be hard. Particularly when it comes to jewelry: you would want a piece that looks elegant yet romantic, aligned with your personality or the one of your loved one. Nava Zahavi believes jewelry should be a blend of modern and classic. It’s a beautiful art form that can resonate with anyone around the world. Jewelry goes beyond time, blending the techniques and materials of ancient civilizations with the modern world for the ultimate romantic experience. You can have a variety of combinations for Valentine’s Day. You can pick your favorite based on color or how it compliments your casual and party wear wardrobe.

Here are Nava Zahavi’s top 5 romantic jewelry ideas for Valentine’s Day 2022.

1. Red and Gold

Valentine’s day and red go together. And if you add gold to the blend, you get resplendent, romantic jewelry. These dangle garnet earrings shimmer and shine, thanks to the elegant 24K gold. This combination is best worn with fancy outfits. However, it could make any outfit pop, particularly green, since red and green are complementary colors.

2. Diamonds and Gold

Go all-shimmer and all-classic with diamonds and gold. Especially if you or your loved one enjoys glamor, there’s nothing better than a golden-chain necklace with diamonds. As far as the design is concerned, it doesn’t have to be simple. You can even get something that looks playful, such as this one with a gold heart.

3. Charm Jewelry

If diamonds and gold seem too fancy for your style, why not opt for charm jewelry instead? It makes a statement while fitting in with any type of outfit. Whether you’re dressed in a t-shirt or an evening dress, it always works. This charm necklace with a heart of gold looks divine with any kind of outfit.

4. White Beads and Stones

As a neutral color, white is well-matched with anything. In the form of translucent beads or stones, jewelry with white elements reflects romance in a magical way. This romantic chain made of white moonstones, with rubies embedded in gold, makes a charming gift for anyone. Especially if you or your loved one has a wardrobe full of neutral colors, jewelry with a dash of white will never disappoint you.

5. Pink Jewelry (or other shades of red)

While red is the main highlight for Valentine’s day, its tones and shades have a slightly softer impact. Nava Zahavi believes that pink jewelry can offer the same blend of romance, modernity, and classicism as pure red. It can be in the form of stones or beads for the chain. This notion necklace features sliced rubies for the chain, bringing together various red hues that strike as splashes of pinks.

So this Valentine’s Day, make yourself or your loved one feel special with high-quality semi-precious stones, silver, and gold. The more natural and delicately crafted a piece is, the greater its impact inside out. Take romance a step further by empowering yourself and the one you love. 

❤️   Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️