The stunning sapphire: The Birthstone of September

Being born in September, you can’t ignore the stunning Sapphire. For this month, it’s the official birthstone that dazzles and sparkles in blues and other colors too. It is versatile and can be cut into any sort of shape, creating a harmonious effect with gold and silver jewelry alike.

Sapphire is the official birthstone for September. This gemstone is known primarily for its deep blue shade, although it is available in a few other colors too. Throughout history, Sapphire has been a symbol of holiness for royals, fortune, virtue and wisdom.

According to the high expertise of Nava Zahavi, Sapphire is associated with September because it’s expensive and flexible in usage. However, this month has two other birthstones as well - Lapis Lazuli and Carnelian

What is the complete color range for Sapphire?

Although Sapphire is prominent for being blue, it comes in these color as well:
  • Pink
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Violet
A Sapphire gemstone in any of the above colors is known as a fancy sapphire.

A short history and usage of Sapphire

In ancient times, Sapphire was seen as the ‘Stone of Destiny’ by many Christians. Ever since, this stunning gemstone has also held the position for symbolizing Heaven and the concepts of innocence, purity, and truth linked to it. Many ancient people even believed that this gemstone could strengthen the immune system and protect from malicious diseases.
We can even see mentions of Sapphire in different historical accounts. For example, the Seal of Solomon was originally depicted via a Sapphire. According to sources, this gemstone gave him power over various elements, including the spirit world.

Popular jewelry combinations for Sapphire

1. Pink Sapphire with gold and silver

Sapphire’s reflection of the Heavens is amplified with gold and silver. Regardless of the color of this gemstone, pure golden and silver tend to bring out a deeply romantic and cosmological appeal.
Nothing speaks of romance like this special Pink Sapphire Love ring from Nava Zahavi. 


2. Sapphire, gold, and other warm gemstones

Nothing reminds us of sunlight like pure gold. When combined with other warm colors, the welcoming feeling increases twofold. In warmer tones, Sapphires blend in with gold and other warm gemstones. 
This Heavenly Necklace is an epitome of warm gemstones that are neither too bright, nor too dark. The cherry pink Sapphire pendant encased with gold is perfect for anyone who prefers Sapphire in warm colors. 


3. Sapphire with other gemstones

No gemstone is better than Sapphire for a contemporary feeling. Thanks to its vast color range, it can be combined with many gemstones to create a look that’s ancient and cheerful.
This Nava Zahavi Genesis Necklace is the perfect fit for any free spirit. With pure gold, labradorites, pearls, and rubies, the sapphires in this jewelry piece cast a modern and playful look. 



There’s no reason to ignore Sapphire if you were born in September. If you can’t see your birthstone yet, watch this space for more upcoming months and their precious gemstones. Until then, browse the magical combination of modern and contemporary in Nava Zahavi jewelry.