The Pretty Peridot: The Birthstone of August


Were you born in August? If yes, you’ll be surprised to know there are three birthstones for this month. However, Peridot has been the most famous choice for people born in August. 
As per the high expertise of Nava Zahavi, this gemstone has stood the test of time for its harmonious symbolism.

Peridot is a green gemstone that symbolizes inner peace, balanced health, proper sleep, and good health. It is the most popular birthstone for August, alongside sardonyx and spinel. Peridots have been prominent with the ancient Egyptians for their depiction of light and driving away the darkness.

What are the colors in which Peridot is available?

Green is the ultimate color of Peridot. But there can be a few variations within this gemstone. It all comes down to the tonal value and saturation of green. Although the differences are very subtle, you could observe the following shades in peridot:
  • Yellowish green
  • Greenish yellow
  • Pure green
So the color temperature of the Peridot gemstone can make it look cooler or warmer. Also, the brighter the green hue, the more saturated the gemstone will be. So in its purest form, the Peridot gemstone is free of brown or yellow hues.

A short history and usage of Peridot

We can find traces of Peridot in the fables of Ancient Egypt. It was found on a volcanic island by Ancient Egyptians, who considered the stone extremely precious. Due to this fact, they were initially very secretive about the exact location of this place. In modern times, the whereabouts of this island known as Zebargad came out in 1906. 
It’s also fascinating to know that the word ‘Peridot’ has Arabic origins. It is translated as ‘gem’ from the Arabic word ‘faridat’.  Ancient Egyptians would even call it the “gem of the sun” because it has been known as a gem that drives away darkness with its abundant light. 

DISCOVER POPULAR jewelry combinations for the Peridot stone 

1. Peridot and gold

The glistening green peridot looks even more splendid when combined with the magic of pure gold. According to ancient times, peridot and gold can come together to ward off nightmares. This Perfect Peridot ring from Nava Zahavi is a glorious example of the combination of green and gold in jewelry.

2. Peridot and pearls

Pearls in all colors, have long been known for their elegance and classic appeal. This Pearl Jam necklace from Nava Zahavi is a beautiful combination of subtle pearls with the bright green peridot.

3. Peridot and Aquamarine

The colors of green and blue of these gemstones bring together. This Nava Zahavi Holiday Necklace combines blue aquamarine gemstones with tiny peridots along with touches of pure gold. 



The most popular birthstone for August is Peridot. Its green color reflects harmony, making it versatile for use with other stones and metals. Don’t see your birthstone yet? 
Watch this space for information on upcoming birthstones from Nava Zahavi. Meanwhile, you can have a look at other birthstones or browse the complete Nava Zahavi jewelry collection here.