Timeless Jewelry Ideas for this Mother’s Day

We owe a lot to our mothers. It’s almost impossible to repay what they do for us, but mother’s day gives us a chance to express our appreciation in the most creative ways. And what better way than to do it in the form of jewelry that looks both classic and contemporary?

Some of the classic mother’s day gifts include timeless necklaces, earrings, and rings. To decide on a piece of jewelry for gifting, it’s essential to consider the color of the gemstone, natural beads, and the type of metal. 

This mother’s day, give a gift that reflects the divine feminine and motherly traits. From Nava Zahavi, here are three special picks, each for the categories of necklaces, earrings, and rings. 


Nature and Gold

This Mother Earth necklace from Nava Zahavi can make your mother feel more connected to nature. What better way to give thanks for a piece of gold jewelry that also serves as a precious reminder of our beloved planet.


What makes a piece of jewelry free-spirited? Nava Zahavi believes that it is bold and dares to go beyond the ordinary to come out as unique. This Triple Love Necklace is perfect to bring out the lively and outspoken side of your mother. The rainbow look is one of a kind, combining various stones along with a touch of pure 24K gold. 

All about gemstones

Is your mother only fond of beads or stones, rather than gold or silver? If yes, this lovely Shore Coast Necklace combines warm sandy brown with lovely blue. A great reminder of the ocean that can work well with any outfit. 


Classic feminine pink

Pink is a color that never fails when it comes to earrings. It works just like a subtle pink shade of blush on your cheeks. If your mother is a fan of playful yet elegant jewelry, you can never go wrong with pink stones. These lovely Pink Tourmaline Earrings with gold will make a great addition to your mother’s feminine collection.

Colors of nature

Earth tones can never be out of fashion. We can see them all around us - in the form of trees, stones, shrubs, wood, and more. Neutral colors like browns and grays are plenty in nature. For instance, the colors of dark brown and light green in these Jungle Earrings are a classic example of jewelry always looking wonderful in neutral shades. 

Pure gold or silver

While colored stones look great, jewelry that’s made up entirely of silver or gold is no less than charming. Nava Zahavi believes in taking silver or gold and molding it into a design that is a blend of classic and modern looks. For example, these Flower Drop earrings are perfect for your mother if she likes a unique design but prefers the charm of gold.


This Mother’s Day, why not choose mixed rings instead of only silver or gold? Nava Zahavi believes the magic of gemstones, natural stones, and classic metals becomes tenfold when fused. 


So those are some timeless gift ideas for Mother’s Day. The piece you select should speak of your mother’s personality. That could be bubbly, lovely, modern, classic - literally anything or even a combination of many traits! 

So get your mother’s day gift today from Nava Zahavi to obtain a 25% with the code MOM25 off on your purchase. Have a look at the entire collection for even more amazing ideas!