Emerald: the enthralling birthstone of May

If you were born in May, your birthstone is the enchanting Emerald. The dark green of this lavish stone dazzles unlike any other. However, the stone is even available in lighter shades - either cooler or warmer. But regardless, its symbolism and usage have been prevalent since ancient times.

Emerald symbolizes new beginnings, security, loyalty, and peace. This stone has been used in many ancient civilizations, ancient Egypt being the most prominent. It comes in many shades of green, all varying in color temperature and how light or dark the stone is.  

Nava Zahavi believes in the traditional symbolism of emeralds and combines it with contemporary charm to create timeless jewelry. Let’s learn more about this beloved stone. 

What is the complete color range for emeralds?

The most classic color of emeralds is deep and dark vivid blue-green. However, even within the green, you can find some varying shades even though they’re less common. The other two hues of green that you can find are bluish-green and yellowish green

So, the complete emerald color range is green. But depending on the color temperature, it could either lean toward the cool side or the warm side. There is one type of emerald though, known as Trapiche Emerald, which had a touch of black to it too!

A short history and usage of emerald

One of the most important traces of emerald we get from history is that Cleopatra used to wear it. So this stone has been used for jewelry since the ancient Egypt civilization. That’s not all, they even buried this precious stone along with the bodies of monarchs, as they believed it provided protection.

The lovely Emerald also goes beyond the Middle East. In the West, the Indians of Columbia used to have plenty of emerald mines that were hidden from the eyes of the outer world for many years, until the Spanish discovered them.

Some beautiful emerald jewelry combinations

Green is a flexible color. According to the expertise of Nava Zahavi, the shade of Emerald makes it an excellent choice for combining with various stones and metals. 

Green and Gold

Gold amplifies the elegance of green emeralds. Where an emerald is dark, gold can complement it in a manner that adds the royal touch. This combination can mix and match with any type of outfit.

Nava Zahavi fuses gold with green emerald in a way that brings out your natural spark. For instance, pair these gold emerald earrings with any gold necklace to make the most out of your royal dress-up. The lighter shade of emerald in these tranquility earrings also adds an interesting and lighthearted blend to gold.

Emerald, Gold and Pink beads or stones

Any piece of jewelry can become more royal with shades of pink-purple added to the blend. And when it’s along with gold and green, it adds a bit of modern pop to it as well. 

Consider this Timeless Necklace from Naza Zahavi, a classic combination of purple beads with emerald encased in gold. The pink tourmaline beads give both an ancient and contemporary look, all wrapped up with the charming fusion of femininity and royalty.

Varying shades of emerald

The number of green shades in emerald is a gentle reminder of mother nature. With that said, wearing an emerald bracelet can make you feel more connected to the earth. And with the right touch of gold, it can also add novelty to the feeling of rebirth.


So look no further than emerald jewelry if you were born in May. Even if your birth month is different, you should get any piece that has this lovely stone because it has remarkable shades of green. But if you’re still waiting for your birthstone, watch this space for there is more to come out each month!