The Precious Pearl: The June Birthstone

Were you born in June? If yes, your birthstone is the precious pearl. Having a feminine charm, it is among the most famous jewelry accessories in the world. It is soft when it is produced inside the mollusk of a shell.

You can find pearls of two types: freshwater and saltwater. According to the high expertise of Nava Zahavi, pearls are timeless and flexible when it comes to style.

In their natural form, pearls are circular. This glistening gemstone has always been a symbol of wisdom, luck, peace, and love. Nava Zahavi believes that pearls are versatile and can be crafted into different shapes and fit into any type. 

What is the complete color range for pearls?

Pearls come in a variety of colors. However, the color of the pearl depends on the type of mollusk. Both freshwater and saltwater pearls come in a wide array of colors. 

The rarest color in pearls is pink, which is one reason why it’s so expensive in the United States. This color is obtained from the conch snail, which is an endangered species.

Other than that, here are some popular pearl colors:

  • Silver

  • Black

  • Gray

  • Purple

  • Green

  • Blue

  • Lavender

  • Chocolate

Did you know that black pearls are only obtained from the Pinctada margaritifera oyster? It’s also possible to dye pearls, but they are the best when used in their natural form. 

A short history and usage of pearls

We can even find traces of pearls in mythology. According to legend, pearls came to be formed by the teardrops of mermaids. Since these precious stones are obtained from shells, it’s no wonder they have been associated with stories related to the marine world.

Apart from that, pearls have been quite popular in dynasties throughout history as well. For example, these precious gemstones were presented to Chinese dynasties many times. In Europe, ancient Rome viewed having pearls as a classy status symbol. 

Therefore, Nava Zahavi believes that pearls are timeless and can be used in many combinations with other stones.

Discover some beautiful pearl jewelry combinations:

1. Diamonds and Pearls

Alluring diamonds combined with sparkling pearls create the perfect balance of glistening and elegance. These diamonds and pearls earrings are a unique blend of shimmer and subtle shine.

2. Moonstone and pearls

When brought together, moonstone and pearls create a silvery-white effect. The milkiness of the moonstone combines with the classic appeal of pearls to give jewelry that goes well with any outfit. These Memories Moonstone and Pearl earrings from Nava Zahavi can compliment any outfit. 

3. Multicolored pearls

While pearls cast a traditional look, they are quite contemporary too. Pearls of various colors come together to create a fun and playful feeling. This Forever Pearl Necklace from Nava Zahavi is your best bet on a modern take on pearls. 

4. Pearl and Gold

These Shell Earrings are a beautiful  combination of pearl and gold. The glimmer of golden combines with white pearls to create a balance of cool and warm essences. The half-moon shaped vessel holds Labradorite which gives a multidimensional gray look.


So pearls are a unique combination of love, peace, wisdom, and luck. Interested in other birthstones as well? Watch this space for information on upcoming months. Alternatively, you can view the complete collection of Nava Zahavi on the website.