The Ravishing Ruby: The Birthstone of July

If you were born in July, your birthstone is the ravishing ruby. Known mainly for its dazzling red hue, this gemstone makes a powerful statement with its vibrant color. 

According to the high expertise of Nava Zahavi, ruby is the gemstone that portrays passion unlike any other. Its red color can remind some people of the fire, which can reflect how intense nature can be.

Ruby is a gemstone that symbolizes passion, power, and protection. This gemstone has been in use since ancient times even for adorning armor and other weapons. Rubies can come in colors tinted with warm hues and look great with gold, silver, or gemstones with cooler shades for balanced energies.

What are the colors in which Ruby is available?

When we think of ruby, we visualize tones of red. Especially one that’s deep and bright at the same time. Yet, ruby can come in a few other colors as well. This precious gemstone can vary in saturation and tones. Here are a few colors that are really good for ruby:

  • Pink

  • Orange

  • Brown

So it’s possible that the ruby you choose can have tints of the above colors. Nonetheless, the main color of ruby remains a powerful red.

A short history and usage of Ruby

Throughout history, ruby has been used widely in Asian countries. Since the gemstone has always symbolized protection, it was used to decorate weapons too. One example is that of the Chinese dynasties, who also used to trade rubies on the Silk Road around 200 B.C.

Besides that, a lot of rubies were retrieved from Burma near 600 AD. However, people began to search for rubies in Myanmar once the mines in Burma almost ran out of it. This change came around in the 1990s and it’s essential to note that the Myanmar rubies are treated with heat to improve the richness of their red tone.

Apart from that, ruby’s fluorescence was also used to build the first ever laser in 1960. Till today, rubies are even used to make machines in the medical industry and watches. Both natural and synthetic rubies are used for these purposes. 

Discover popular ruby jewelry combinations:

1. Ruby and gold

The intensity of red becomes twofold when combined with the shine of gold. You cannot miss these Ruby Dome earrings from Nava Zahavi if you’re an avid gold lover. The dangling circular gold pieces along with small rubies encased into the earrings are a regal accessory for any outfit. 

2. Ruby, tourmaline, and aquamarine

Since red is naturally a warm color, gemstones of cooler colors can create a soothing effect when combined. This Dancing With Ruby necklace from Nava Zahavi is a prime example of how gemstones of different colors can be harmonious together.

3. Ruby, gold, and silver

Imagine a powerful red with glittering gold and shimmery silver. The vibrant red hue gets brighter with the golden and silver shades. Nothing speaks of romance more than the symbolism of the sun, moon, and passion brought together.

This Viki Ruby Ring from Nava Zahavi uses a deep red ruby along with pure gold and silver. Make any outfit more romantic with the essence of red, the color love and passion.


And so, ruby is the gemstone that everybody should have if they’re born in July. You can choose from a deep blackish red to even lighter and pinker shades. 

Don’t see your birthstone here yet? Watch this space for upcoming months and their gemstones. Browse the complete jewelry collection of Nava Zahavi to explore vast accessory options.